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new URL September 16, 2009

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I have started a new URL; http://www.proudduck.com/

To those who have kindly linked me, please modify the URL.

Thank you for all your support!



inside a shopaholic’s head

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I swear I’m growing up.

I still find myself browsing shopbop and all the online shopping websites, but I’m more cautious of what I buy.

I’ll see the clothes and think to myself, “I always buy this kind of style” or “I already have that colour” or “Is this really worth the shipping and the customs tax?”

After so many questions posed to my conscience, I start to think the most dangerous question of all times.


Because logic can’t be argued with, I sadly remove all the 10 items in my online basket.

And I sadly exit the browser window.

Some more depressing days, I ask myself, “Can I afford it?”


Suddenly, my dad’s credit card just shines and glows itself from my purse, overshadowing the other junk in there.

Oh, the devil. I start picturing my dad’s face, telling me to buy it please because “I want you to be happy, my munchkin.” (He never calls me that but at this point, I think whatever I want to think)

I bite my lip and slowly reach for it.


“Can I really live with myself making my dad pay this much for a top, when I won’t even pay that much using my own money?”

NOOOOOOOO!!! Stop it stop it stop it.

When did I become like this?! When did I become sensible?

I used to not be able to sleep if I didn’t get that one thing I was eye-ing in the shop. I used to toss and turn in bed, and stand in front of the store as soon as it opens the next day. I used to pamper myself. I used to love myself!! Ugh…my poor loveless soul.

Now, I…think.

What’s with women and thinking too much?!

Nowadays, I can look at something really really pretty and know I want it, but don’t need it. I don’t have dreams about it anymore. I don’t have the urge to buy it anymore. If I can’t have it there and then, I can easily forget about it a few hours later. And I’m even happy knowing that my account is still in tact.

I start thinking (here I go again, thinking!) about the future and how I have to save up for….the future. I don’t exactly know what the future wants me to buy, but I know it’s going to be expensive!

Ugh, growing up and responsibilities.

But come to think of it….Would my future realllyyyy be damaged if I buy this one designer top?

After all, as my good friend always says, “Swipe now, think later.”


I’m so confused! Hehe


industrialised building system September 14, 2009

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The conventional method of construction is that everything is done on site; the framework, the floors, the hacking of electrical points etc. The not-so-good parts of that; it doesn’t guarantee a straight and neat wall, it takes longer, the site is messier, it produces a lot of wastage (e.g. these wood planks), it uses a lot of mortar in between the red bricks to hold it together, and many others.



Even the government thinks so. Recently, the Malaysian government has changed its approach in construction. From now on, all government projects have to comply with 70% IBS components.

Which is amazing for our company which is the only Malaysian company that produces both IBS wall (blocks and bricks) and IBS flooring/ceiling (slabs). Kind of like a one-stop center.

Let me introduce the blocks to you.



3As you can see, it’s exactly like Lego.

We just stack them up and because they have tongue-and-groove, they lock themselves together. Because of this, we use less mortar and we save the developer’s cost on that. Other costs we can save are; labour (the job is so easy and so fast that only 1 or 2 workers are needed in a section), time (we can build a complete house in 2 months, therefore saving fixed costs), wastage, framework (we don’t need any framework at all), and plastering (because it’s so straight, you don’t need to patch up any defects), to name a few.

If you like the vintage look, you can even leave it like that, unpainted.

And as you can see, the site is also very clean and not messy.

Then, we have the slabs.




8The conventional method requires that we do everything on site. Pour concrete, put all the steel bars, wait a few days for it to form strong bonds and dry. It’s a messy and tedious process.

The IBS system means that we do all these things in the factory, and just transport the concrete planks to the site and lay them.

Our slabs are prestressed slabs, which means that we have prestressed wires running along the concrete planks to create strong bonds. Because it’s prestressed, it produces even greater strength.

The benefits are obvious; cleaner, easier, faster (we can finish one floor in 2 days), better quality.

When we marry these 2 products, we create an efficient tool to build houses/schools/apartments/offices. My dad likes to call it BCF.

B for better quality.

C for competitive price.

F for faster.

The government (or any developer for that matter) would want their project to complete fast and “cheap”, but at the same time with better quality and safety.

We’ve come up with the solution. We can complete projects 3-4 times faster than conventional method.

And it’s so simple, I can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier.

The end.

OMG I just gave you a mini presentation…Gahhh so proud of myself heee :D  *flips hair, blows nails.*


a letter to my late grandma September 12, 2009

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This was the last time I saw her. She was in the car at the airport, sending me off to UK, which she never usually does. I should’ve seen the sign.

Dearest Tok,

I had a dream that you told me you miss me.

I thought we had a deal that you weren’t going to haunt me in my sleep because I get scared very easily! Hehe.

Nonetheless, I knew you needed me, you needed all of us. And we’re all very sorry that we haven’t been there for you.

So I quickly took the Yasin and read for you. I told God to take care of you in heaven and not to put you through any suffering in the other realm. I cried to God to forgive any sins you might’ve committed in your lifetime; after all, you are only human.

I’m sure He listened to me, because I’ve been a very good girl lately. :) I’ve fasted the whole month so far, Tok, you would’ve been proud!

Everyone in the family is good. Dad is very busy with work, but he talks about you all the time. Mom is good too, she’s taking care of Dad very well. Along has 2 kids now; a boy and a girl, and her husband wants a whole football team, so expect more updates from me.

As for me, I just graduated, and am working with none other than your dearest son. Oh, and I have a boyfriend now. A serious one. No, really. Hehe. He’s such a nice guy who treats our family with genuine respect, not like the other one you didn’t really approve of! Hehe. I’m sure you will love this one! And don’t worry, he’s not mat saleh, he’s Malay. You can lie back down now. Mom and Dad obviously like him, but they still treat him as my “friend” and nothing more “because nothing’s for sure”.

I know you haven’t seen Opah around there. That’s because she’s still alive! :)

Her eyesight and her hearing are still good, but she hunches a lot and she doesn’t have the energy to walk much. She thinks of you and prays for you everyday. She cries sometimes because she misses you and she feels guilty that you didn’t get to see your great-grandchildren, and she did. I’m sure you’re sad about that, but when they grow up, I’m sure Along will tell them what a legend you were in the family.

Opah and I visited your grave today. Poor Opah! She can’t even walk properly,  but she still insists on visiting you often. See how much she loves you?



Your grave was a little messy, with bits of leaves around the side. So we cleaned it a little bit. You’re welcome.

Opah planted a little plant in front of your grave, which kind of obstructs the pathway. But she didn’t care, she said. She wants it to keep you shaded from the Sun. Yes, she thinks that little teeny weeny plant can protect you.

I poured water over your grave. I hope you felt the coolness on your body.

Well, Tok, that’s all the update I have for you for now. You take care up there, be good and don’t go scolding your neighbours for no reason. I hope they provide you with hair dye in heaven, because I know how much you hate your hair being grey. You’re so vain, like Dad.

We miss you here, and we’ll do our part to love you and shower you with good doa‘s from this realm. Just don’t come to me when I’m sleeping ok, I might faint!

I love you, Tok. And even after all these years, it still hurts not seeing you in the room downstairs.


Your granddaughter.

Read more about my Tok Dah here.


two half-day fastings make a full one September 11, 2009

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Fasting month has passed by really quickly. We’re already Raya-ing next weekend!

And I haven’t lost any weight whatsoever. Stupid Pasar Ramadhan ruining my life.

I started reminiscing about my first years of fasting. In primary school, mom would teach me how to fast, and slowly I got the hang of it. Dry frowning lips, droopy eyes, arms just hanging off my shoulders weakly, stomach making grumpy music.

Sometimes, I manage to fast the whole day. But there were times when I would be very naughty and eat in school where my parents can’t see me.

I would come home, and my mom would ask, “Are you fasting, sweetheart?”

“Yes, of course!” I lied confidently, conveniently forgetting the fried chicken and iced milo I had in school just now. I would give her how-could-you-even-ask-me-that look just to convince her even more.

Then, the whole evening I would be energetic and happy which made Mom curious. She was probably puzzled as to my sudden change from a zombie-like appearance to a happy, not-hungry kid.

Breaking fast is at 7.30pm. Usually, at 6.30pm, my forehead is already on the kitchen table asking God what I did to deserve this hunger. But some days, I’m smiling and even offering others to take the food first.

I wasn’t very smart, was I? The least I could do was pretend to walk around the house clutching my stomach and groaning with hunger.

“Are you really fasting?”


But God knew better to put my cousin in the same school as me, probably to look after me.

My mom called my cousin and put her on speaker so I could hear.

I was 9 then, but I still remember this painful day until now.

“Malina, did V fast in school today?”

My so-called cousin who didn’t understand the oath of cousin-ness answered, “No, she ate 2 fried chickens and noodle soup just now.”


Not only did she blow my cover, she even kindly described what I ate.

I’m not sure what happened after that, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk to Malina for a few days.

But what I did do was….fast properly ever since then.

Now, my mom has no doubt about me fasting fully anymore. Judging from what I bring back from pasar Ramadhan everyday, I am obviously one hungry person.


Except that now, I don’t wait at the table at 6.30pm anymore.

My forehead’s arrival time is now at 6.45pm.


crickets for dinner September 10, 2009

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Of all the shopping I’ve done, this has got to be weirdest thing.

Dean and I bought crickets for his brother’s pet lizards to eat.

I refused to go in the pet shop, but Dean told me the guy just scooped crickets with his bare hands from the cage full on crickets.

“What?!!! DISGUSTING!!”

“Then how do you think they put crickets in the plastic bag?” Dean asked, laughing.

“Tweezers?! Tongs?! A spoon?!!!”


The crickets made cricketing sounds that made the hair on my arms rose 90 degees.

I imagined the crickets escaping from the plastic bag, crawling into my ears.

I just wanted Dean to drive fast to send me home.

I refused to come near the plastic bag, I refused to look at it, I refused to acknowledge it.

I refused to talk to Dean when he made cricketing sounds to scare me.

I refuse to ever let my future sons have pets; lizards, rats, whatever.

I am not having these things in my house.



And I probably cannot drink take-away teh ais from mamak stalls anymore since they use these kind of plastic bags.

The thought of loose crickets in there. Cringe.


opah’s raya shoes

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Since my 88-year-old grandma, Opah has stolen my limelight and has become a celebrity in this blog, I decided it was time for an Opah update.

She wants new shoes for Raya.

Closed-toed, comfortable flats.

First, she asked me to go and find.

Then, she’ll call me back before I go out, and say she wants to follow as well because she wants to choose.

So I wait for her to get ready.

Then, half an hour waiting, she decides she was too tired to go out.

Repeat this process 5000 times in your head.

So, today, I was tough on her. “Opah, just get ready, we’re going shoe shopping now.

What?! No, I’m tired…,” then she pauses, “but I do want a new pair of shoes…,” pauses again, “but no, I’m too tired.

I told her fine.

I have a headache…” Opah justifies herself, “I might fall down anytime.”

Sigh. Fine, I told her I will go and buy it myself and if she doesn’t like it, too bad.

She pauses to think.

This was the vulnerable point.

As if on cue, my maids wrestled her to put on some nice clothes and her veil, carried her out to put her on the wheelchair.

The whole car ride to Bangsar Village, she was complaining about how she might drop down any minute and how she’s just going to stay in the car. And then she complained that she wanted to go to Bata only, and not some other fancy shoe shop. I told her I wanted her to see other choices, since she already has so many Bata shoes.

A few minutes later, we were in Clarks, the shoe shop.


Look at her so stylo with Prada sunglasses and Harrods clutch! Hahahah

We showed her the selection. She didn’t like any.

We went to Aldo.


It’s not difficult to touch my heart

What on earth are these odd-looking things?

They’re boots, Opah.” I explained and told her to shoosh after that.

As expected, she didn’t like any.

We went to Novo.

She didn’t like any.

We went back to Clarks.

She said she doesn’t mind this one pair of shoes, but I could tell she didn’t like it.

So in the end, we arrived at Bata.


The trouble with Bangsar Bata is that it wasn’t in a mall, so I couldn’t push her wheelchair, and she would have to go up some steps, which I was worried about.

So, we found a parking somewhere near and she stayed in the car.

I ran in and out of Bata to the car, carrying one side of the shoes to show her. The saleswoman was so understanding and was kind enough to let me out of the shop to walk to my car, with unpaid Bata shoes. Dean sacrificed himself as a trade-in; I would leave the shop with unpaid shoes while Dean stays in the shop, and if I didn’t come back to return the shoes, the saleswoman could have Dean. HAHAHA.

People outside were giving me looks. Like, why on earth is she robbing only one side of the shoe?!

So after a few trips, Opah finally found one she liked.

Closed-toed, comfortable flats.

Yes!!! That’s the one…I love that one!! I want that one!!”

OK, calm down, you might get a heart attack,” I warned her.

I had to make 3 more trips, panting and sweating in the hot sun, because Opah couldn’t decide on the size.

But in the end, she was so happy, because she got her shoes that she wanted. And I was happy because it didn’t leave such a big dent in my purse. (You wouldn’t believe how cheap Bata shoes are, considering they’re so comfortable.)

So happy, in fact, that I bought her two pairs; one in black and one in white.

btI asked her which one she was going to wear first.

“Depends on which outfit I wear, of course.”

“But of course,” we all laughed.

My grandma is so clever!! I wanted to pinch her cheeks, she was so cute.

And it’s so touching that it doesn’t take much to please this woman.

After we got home, she was so tired that she slept right away. She couldn’t decide which one to wear first, so she ended up wearing both!




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